Erock writes books, short stories, plays, teleplays and screenplays. He has yet to write a meme.

Erock lives in the lovely Colorado Rocky Mountains with his wife, son, bears, and the underlying threat of forest fires. They run a hospice for little old dogs who are going to be killed at rural shelters. They also rescue farm animals. Some of the farm animals live inside their home.

Erock has been tirelessly working to achieve instant, overnight success status as an author for several decades. A stubborn and foolish knave, he won’t admit that he has fallen well short of his goal. Well. Short. Totally, totally well short.

Instead, he sidesteps his catastrophic failure by refusing to acknowledge the traditional passage of time. In the Kafka-Dada-Heisenbergian timeline, the moment he achieves instant, overnight success, he will actually be early. Long ago, Erock accepted that being delusional makes living as an author much, much easier.

Erock’s obsession to predict the winning numbers for the Colorado Lottery is legendary. A legendary failure. His habits every Sunday during the NFL season are extremely predictable. His fantasy football team, Roid Rage, is routinely mediocre.
Erock also enjoys following the Colorado Avalanche hockey club, gardening, cooking, and roasting organic, fair-trade green coffee beans.

While angrily waiting for theatre to finally die out and be replaced by something truly meaningful and fulfilling, like hologram-image based theatre with robots and lasers and unicorns, Erock continues to work as a Stage Manager. Previous credits include Tantalus, a ten-hour, nine-play cycle dealing with the beginnings, climax and aftermath of the Trojan War written by John Barton and directed by Sir Peter Hall. Other theatre credits include plays written and directed by other people.

Erock likes rainy days and driving golf carts with reckless abandon. He is afraid of horses and certain cotton-blend fabrics. Reading Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut when he was 14 years old has made Erock into the person he is today. He hopes that is a good thing.

Erock’s favorite Doctor is Tom Baker. Erock’s other favorite Doctor is Hunter S. Thompson. The two are not related.